Lab Results

We believe it’s important you understand the products you purchase and consume.  Here are the latest Third Party Lab Results for our products.  All results we provide to you is to not only ensure transparency, but so you trust we are fully committed to using only the best quality and pure ingredients in our products.

Thank you. 💋

Face Serum Pdf-ANL0037431

Pot Brownie Salve Pdf-ANL0034247

Watermelon Zkittelz Roll-On Pdf-ANL0034249

Vanilla Kush Full Spectrum 750mg Tincture Pdf-ANL0041759

Vanilla Kush Full Spectrum 1500mg Tincture Pdf-ANL0041760

Vanilla Kush 3000mg and 6000mg Tincture Pdf-ANL0041762

Blue Raspberry Gummies 12 & 50 Count Pdf-ANL0041756

Chocolates – Mint Pdf-ANL0041758

Chocolates – Toffee Pdf-ANL0041757

Jillybean Lubricant and Massage Pdf-ANL0038426

Thunder Fuck Lubricant and Massage Pdf-ANL0038426

Delta 8 Gummies 12 Count 300mg Pdf-ANL0044010

Delta 8 Gummies 30 Count 750mg Pdf-ANL0044010

Delta 8 1500mg Tincture Pdf-ANL0043648